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Read our latest threat modeling and architectural security news, articles, and thought leadership, and watch some of our most popular talks, tips, and tricks on-demand.

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What is Threat Modeling?

Threat modeling is a repeatable way of assessing the security of your architecture, quantifying your level of risk and implementing countermeasures. 

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Use Case - Threat Modeling Smart Buildings with IEC/ANSI 62443

Smart building environments must ensure the equipment and processes used for automation and control meet certain standards to avoid security issues.

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Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Threat modeling can sometimes pose questions to security champions and analysts: Where should the threat model startor end? What does it need to contain?

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Use Case - Threat Modeling SaaS Applications

This information serves as a foundation and defense for threat modeling SaaS applications. It is designed to encourage conversations in organizations...

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Things that may look like threat modeling, but aren't

New to threat modeling? You may not be entirely sure what it is - or isn't! Here we demystify some terms that are often confused with threat modeling.

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Threat Modeling Methodology: PASTA

PASTA is a risk-centric threat modeling methodology it can scale up or scale down as required which is ideal for growing businesses.

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Threat Modeling Methodology: TRIKE

TRIKE is an open source threat modeling process focused on the security auditing process from a risk management and defense perspective.

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Threat Modeling Methodology: OCTAVE

OCTAVE: Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, & Vulnerability Evaluation is a threat modeling technique focusing on assessing organizational risks.

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Evolving Threat Modeling - Taking Longer Strides

The more we Threat Model, the more we understand, the better our risk libraries become. As a result we are faster and more effective.

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IEC/ANSI 62443 Example 5 - Embedded Device Requirements

The main focus of this exercise is to identify and evaluate an embedded device’s threats, weaknesses and controls directly related to it; subsequent systems or services that are inter-connected are excluded.

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STRIDE and CAPEC with IriusRisk

Enabling organizations to rapidly accelerate their threat modeling process by helping them to map; threats, and their appropriate mitigation.

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