Threat modeling for a secure and connected public sector

Identify and remediate modern cyber threats for your organization with IriusRisk’s automated, scalable and intuitive threat modeling platform.

Discover how threat modeling can help you to
build secure architecture quickly and cost effectively.

Automated threat modeling
IriusRisk helps you beat the complexity of manual threat modeling with its powerful automation engine, providing a reliable self-service tool for designing secure applications that’s simple for your engineers to use.
Security starts with design
Half of today’s software flaws are in the design. Our platform lets you generate threat models in minutes, along with recommended and required countermeasures and specific, actionable advice for your engineering teams.
A smart investment
Smart threat modeling requires smart, targeted investments. Know how much to invest in security and where to invest it to get maximum return on your investment.

A state of change in the public sector calls for changing threat protection.

Increase speed of deployment

The public sector has seen increasing pressure to move towards a product-centric deployment strategy.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, these organizations should look to products and business outcomes with proven technologies, architecture and security models behind them, rapidly increasing the speed of deployment for internal customers with timelines of weeks – not months.

Digital transformation

Consequently, a range of public sector organizations are undergoing a change in their structure, approach and cultural behaviour. The introduction of new products and processes as part of these organizations’ digital transformation, aligning their IT services with their business requirements and outcomes and then demonstrating this to wider governing bodies.

Security is paramount in this. Government departments and other public sector bodies are responsible for protecting their own networks and systems. As holders of significant data and providers of services, stringent measures must be put in place by companies in the public sector in order to safeguard this.