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Analytics and Reporting

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As your successful adoption of threat modeling increases, so will your needs. You will begin to identify your organization’s own unique requirements for handling, reporting, and analyzing data. IriusRisk meets these challenges with its analytics and reporting capabilities - designed to help you do more with your data.

The challenges of scaling up and reporting

  • How do I demonstrate the ROI of my threat modeling activities?
  • How do I find the correct data for select stakeholders at any given time?
  • How can I create compelling reports regularly with limited team resources?
  • How can I accurately track my level of risk or compliance at any given moment?

Have your data at your fingertips using powerful and configurable dashboards

  • Gain actionable insights into your threat modeling data with real-time, editable dashboards
  • Create visualizations out of the box, or create them bespoke using Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Benefit from both on-demand and automated, scheduled reporting - including automatically generated PDF reports - to ensure the right data, reaches the right people, at the right time
  • Monitor and demonstrate how threat modeling is reducing your cybersecurity risk over time
  • Enrich data within your existing tool stack and have your threat modeling data available alongside other vital data sources. Pull in data from sources such as Elastic, Apache Hive, Snowflake, Salesforce, REST APIs, and many more.

Ideal for

  • Larger organizations with greater data analysis and reporting needs
  • Threat modeling champions that need to see and share adoption trends
  • Security architects, developers, and threat modelers that want to access and analyze enhanced data associated with their products and threat models
  • Cybersecurity professionals that require access to specific data to satisfy governance, compliance, and auditory requirements.