Finally a Threat Modeling reporting & compliance tool

IriusRisk reporting capabilities lets you visualize and analyze your threat modeling data. 

No way?! Yes, way.

Go further with reports at your fingertips.

Take your threat modeling efforts even further. Expertly manage and interpret data analysis, create, configure and share dashboards and reports, while making use of even further integrations. 

In short, we make managers, threat modeling champions, and GRC leaders look legendary, with access to meaningful data and reports.

Do I really need another security investment?

We have five compelling reasons that your team needs this (apparently ‘it’s just awesome’ isn’t a good enough reason for number six…).

IriusRisk Reporting is for you have a need to see trends, increase team adoption, or adhere to compliance requirements.

Insight into security work and progress

Identify recurring security tasks that could be mitigated with a single enterprise-wide control, rather than individual development controls.

Data aggregation with existing software

Bring in data from other tools you have already invested in, such as Postgres, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

Alerts to act on key information

Maximize efficiencies and better prioritize across teams. Set parameters for your Alerts. For example, if a specific application risk goes to 71% or higher, an Alert is triggered.

 Demonstrating Compliance

Equip Governance, Regulation, and Compliance Teams with high level dashboards. Users of the Compliance Dashboard can see all controls and their completion status, to demonstrate compliance with standards such as PCI DSS - and many others.

In-house team training

Prioritize training topics for Developers, without creating a training framework from scratch. Patterns can be seen for topics such as the Top 10 Most Referenced Countermeasures, or Top 10 Most Impactful Threats.

Insights such as these can be utilized by Developers to better understand what threats are recurrent within the business or for its end users - to learn, develop, and evolve. 

Still need convincing?

Watch our Dashboards and Reporting video to see it in action. If you still have questions, get in touch - we will be happy to help!

Looking for more ways to use IriusRisk?

Watch this video series to delve further into subjects such as integration capability, utilizing workflows, and more, to get a true view of how IriusRisk can support you in effectively securing your risk posture.