Integrations with the platform

Automate and integrate Threat Modeling to fit into your SDLC and existing technology investments.

We can integrate with... Well just about anything.

Diagram imports
Whether you're using, Lucidchart or Microsoft Visio, we've got you covered.
CI/CD tools
We play nicely with Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Atlassian and GitHub, to name a few.
SAML/AML integrations
Ensuring access across tools, and increased security is essential. We hear you.
Security tools
Already got multiple security software in play? Our tool maximises existing investments.
Testing framework
JUnit, Cucumber, we understand the importance of linking with testing frameworks.
And many more
Need something specific? Let us know. Our open API has many possibilities.

Looking for more?

"Build your own" integration using the API. Find out more about our Open Threat Model (OTM) standard.  

Alternatively, see what programs can be directly parsed into IriusRisk, by looking at our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) page.

Example import from Microsoft Visio

See how easy it is to use our open API and map files from diagramming tools such as Lucidchart, and cloud orchestration tools such as HashiCorp Terraform.

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