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Read our latest threat modeling and architectural security news, articles, and thought leadership, and watch some of our most popular talks, tips, and tricks on-demand.

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How to Use the Mitre ATT&CK Library in IriusRisk

This new Mitre ATT&CK library within IriusRisk provides techniques, mitigations and detections so that users can build their own risk patterns.

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NIST SSDF and IriusRisk Threat Modeling

Software vendors whose products have been threat modeled can demonstrate that their products have gone through a proper risk assessment

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IriusRisk launches online community forum Threat Modeling Connect

Free-to-use forum bringing together threat modeling experts, AppSec, DevSecOps & development teams to collaborate, promote best practices & share advice.

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Threat modeling workflow for Microsoft Visio

Automatically create a threat model in IriusRisk from a simple AWS architecture designed with Visio, using IriusRisk's open API and IaC capabilities

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Threat modeling workflow for Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool

Automatically create a threat model in IriusRisk from a simple architecture designed with Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool (MTMT) using open API and IaC

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Product Update: Release 4.9

IriusRisk 4.9 includes import of Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool files, and creation of Jira tickets by IriusRisk user instead of a service account...

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Securing the Software Supply Chain

We believe threat modeling is the best way to operationalize guidelines or frameworks for greater visibility and security within the software supply chain

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Threat Modeling Embedded Devices - A Security Feature Gap Analysis

Embedded device security - A security feature gap analysis applying a threat modeling methodology. A guide for users of embedded devices.

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EU Cyber Resilience Act & Threat Modeling

The EU Cyber Resilience Act is a proposal for a regulation on cybersecurity for products with digital elements. See how threat modeling can help

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IriusRisk achieves top data security certification ISO 27001

We are pleased to announce that IriusRisk has achieved top data security certification ISO 27001.

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Product Update: Release 4.8

IriusRisk 4.8includes: New components, Bi-directional dataflows for Visio, Security improvements

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