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About the IriusRisk Platform

Explore our powerful, scalable, and collaborative threat modeling platform - designed to help you start left, save time, avoid delays, and design secure applications.

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How Our Platform Works


Define your architecture:
Draw a diagram using drag and drop components, powered by our embedded diagramming tool, or answer our embedded questionnaires to define your application architecture.



Generate your threat model in minutes:
Based on your diagram or questionnaire answers, IriusRisk uses its built-in security standards libraries to generate a list of the threats to the various components within your application. All of the threats are already linked to their appropriate countermeasures - so it can tell you instantly what you need to do to fix the problems.



Assess your threats and countermeasures:
You can instantly see real-time threat scores on your applications' threat models, and quickly generate reports. You can review this output and choose to accept or reject a countermeasure, based on the level of risk it presents to your business. The established countermeasures are then synced with your development team's issue tracker, such as Jira Cloud and Server, ServiceNow, Microsoft TFS, and Azure DevOps.



Your living, real-time threat model:
The two way sync between IriusRisk and your issue tracker will enable an always-on, real-time view of your progress and the risk ratings associated with your app. Developers get countermeasures inserted directly into their workflow without ever needing to leave the IriusRisk platform.


Why global organisations choose IriusRisk

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An overview of our plans



SaaS | Free Lifetime Subscription

Perfect for getting hands-on with threat modeling for the first time, or to combine your efforts with tooling

  • feature 1 threat model
  • feature Export Threats & Countermeasures as XLS
  • feature Export threat models as XML
  • feature Architectural diagramming with
  • feature Limited technical and compliance reports
  • feature Receive free community updates
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Available as SaaS or On-Premise

Our most popular option. Benefit from all of the powerful capabilities IriusRisk has to offer to automate and scale across your organisation

  • feature All community capabilities, plus:
  • feature Available for unlimited users
  • feature Data imports, custom field definition or workflow management
  • feature Syncs with popular issue trackers
  • feature Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • feature Hands-on, assisted onboarding process
  • feature API access
  • feature Enhanced import and export of models, threats, test results and metadata
  • feature Full custom field definition and workflow management
  • feature All technical and compliance reports
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Your new number one<br> threat modeling resource

Your new number one
threat modeling resource

Visit our Resources hub for threat modeling articles, thought leadership, how-tos, and on-demand sessions with leading authorities from the world of application security.

Experience the
Platform Live

Experience the<br> Platform Live

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