AI Threat Modeling
& Machine Learning

To truly be secure by design, ML and AI systems need to be threat modeled too.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now available Threat Modeled.

It is a privilege to be a software user in today's age, with advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at our disposal. Ways of working can be made smarter, organizations and teams can be more effective - but only if they are using it correctly - and securing it appropriately.

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from Stephen - CEO

"How do we implement security effectively?" At IriusRisk, we're committed to addressing this challenge head-on.
That's why we've introduced our groundbreaking AI Library as part of the IriusRisk system, available for free in our Community Edition.This innovative tool empowers you to construct comprehensive threat models using AI concepts, providing invaluable insights into the risks your system faces.

What is 'Secure by Design'?

Is your software secure by design? And what does that really mean? ‘Secure by design’ is a proactive approach to software and product development that emphasizes incorporating security measures from the very beginning of the design phase, rather than trying to add security features as an afterthought.

This methodology aligns closely with the principles of threat modeling, a critical aspect of building secure software.

Software must be secure - no exceptions.

The Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) stated in August; Software Must Be Secure by Design, and Artificial Intelligence Is No Exception. ‘CISA will continue to urge technology providers to ensure AI systems are Secure by Design – every model, every system, every time.

At IriusRisk we take security seriously, and secure by design is in the lifeblood of our product. This is why we have developed a dedicated Security Library for threat modeling AI and ML applications.

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We have published the first of its kind, ML/AI Security Library, so that our clients can use it to effectively threat model the security of their AI or ML systems and applications.

We are passionate about secure design, and we believe in our product so much that the Library is available in both our free-forever version; Community Edition, and our Enterprise Threat Modeling Tool. You will see currently 12 specific components in this collection. Get access to Community Edition, for free, now.

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To read more about this Library and the importance of threat modeling your entire risk architecture, take a look at this blog, by one of our SMEs and Security Researchers, who actually worked on the creation of the AI/ ML Security Library!