Are you building secure software?

Avoid Insecure Design and potential vulnerabilities, choose to secure your software in every stage of your SDLC.

Security has evolved. Have you?

‘No one is going to write your homework for you’ - Unnamed English Teacher. IriusRisk prides itself on being an Application Security Design Solution, whereby building secure software takes place at the start of the SDLC. Minimizing the risk of potential vulnerabilities at the design phase. Oh how times have changed (thanks, ChatGPT). And so has security. If you aren’t threat modeling yet, don’t panic. We can help get you up and running. Because offense is the best defense. 

Every business that develops or uses software should be looking at its processes and wider security supply chain, ideally to ensure security is built in from the design phase. But you already knew that. Did you know however, that automated threat modeling can identify and manage your security risks from the start - saving valuable time and your security budget. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Effectively manage your risk posture - even elusive third party boundaries.

Software supply chains are like any relationship, complicated. Responsibilities can be fragmented. Enter automated threat modeling to get a clear view of your whole architecture.

Create trust zones for where your remit ends and your third party remit begins. Scope out future partnerships and software to identify unforeseen vulnerabilities.