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Are you Building Secure Software?

Avoid Insecure Design and potential vulnerabilities, choose to secure your software in every stage of your SDLC

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IriusRisk prides itself on being an Application Security Design Solution, whereby building secure software takes place at the start of the SDLC. Minimizing the risk of potential vulnerabilities at the design phase. 

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What is Insecure Design?

OWASP recognized Insecure Design in its 2021 Top Ten. It describes it as; ‘a broad category representing different weaknesses, expressed as “missing or ineffective control design.” There is a difference between insecure design and insecure implementation. We differentiate between design flaws and implementation defects for a reason, they have different root causes and remediation. 

A secure design can still have implementation defects leading to vulnerabilities that may be exploited. An insecure design cannot be fixed by a perfect implementation as by definition, needed security controls were never created to defend against specific attacks. One of the factors that contribute to insecure design is the lack of business risk profiling inherent in the software or system being developed, and thus the failure to determine what level of security design is required.

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Threat Modeling Tool
How IriusRisk supports secure design

Secure software design with our application security tool; IriusRisk Threat Modeling. It enables informed decision-making about application security risks. In addition to producing a threat model, it also creates a prioritized list of security improvements to the concept, requirements, design, or implementation of an application. Learn more here.

We also have a comprehensive Security Content Library, whereby you can apply specific standards relevant to your industry or type of business.  This includes regulatory and compliance requirements, industry standards, and more. Current clients even add their own niché security content where necessary.

Leveling up your software security

Upcoming Webinar
Leveling up your software security 

Join three fantastic speakers discussing how to make your software designs more secure. Is mature security testing a dream or reality? Can threat modeling really make your software Secure by Design? Sign up to find out additional ways to overcome secure design challenges.

Cover Secure design at scale

Secure design at scale

Whether implementing threat modeling from scratch, or scaling-up an existing manual approach, learn how we enable collaboration across security and development teams, and avoidance of costly security design flaws.

Threat Modeling Connect

If you would like additional advice from others experiencing the same challenges, why not head over to Threat Modeling Connect, a global community where threat modeling practitioners collaborate, share, and grow. Here you will find some conversations have already begun regarding secure software best practice.