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Threat modeling for smarter banking and finance.

Accelerate your security with the IriusRisk threat modeling platform. Achieve Secure Software By Design. Automated.

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Why should Financial organizations be considering threat modeling?

Time to market@3x

Threat modeling improves time to market for new products and services.

Securing & ROI@3x
Helps Banks and Financial Insititutions to remain secure while demonstrating ROI.
Compliance and Auditing@3x
Enables Regulatory Compliance and full Auditing trails and reports.
NIST references it as the first step in their Recommended Minimum Standard for Developer Verification of code

Digital Transformation: faster and secure

Discover streamlined, seamless delivery of essential services through smart threat modeling. Learn how here. With regulation and further mandates on security and client data, threat modeling is needed more than ever. Discover streamlined, seamless delivery of essential services through smart threat modeling. 

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Case Studies


Raiffeisen Bank International 

See how Raiffeisen deployed threat modeling across its 300 applications and solved its tracking issues by syncing almost 6,000 countermeasures into Jira.

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Global Top 10 Bank Standardizes and Scales Threat Modeling presentation

Global Top Ten Bank

Threat modeling enabled this Bank to shift security left to design more secure, resilient software to meet regulatory and governance requirements.

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IriusRisk isn’t just our tooling. We see IriusRisk as a co-creator of the successful adoption, rollout, and scaling of threat modeling, both across the organization globally, and beyond the security team to DevOps. This partnership doesn’t stop there; we look forward to exploring the possibilities of enhanced reporting and integration with the other existing tooling in our value chain.

Global Head of Security Engineering - Financial Institution 

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