Threat modeling for smarter banking and finance

Accelerate your security with the IriusRisk threat modeling platform. Achieve Secure Software By Design. Automated.

Why should financial organizations consider threat modeling?

Threat modeling improves time to market for new products and services
Helps critical infrastructure to remain secure while demonstrating ROI
Enables Regulatory Compliance including full Auditing trails and reports
NIST recommends it as the Minimum Standard for Developer Verification of Code

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Financial Services Cybersecurity
Explore how threat modeling enhances security strategies, mitigates risks, and complies with industry standards. Learn why financial institutions must prioritize proactive security measures in an era of increasing breaches and regulatory scrutiny.
Product Update Release 4.27
This release includes another massive load of new API v2 endpoints, 108 to be precise, bringing the total to over 400! In addition, we have revolutionised the way you can manage your Issue Tracker Profiles.
The good, the bad, and the ugly of AI Threat Modeling 
We all know, AI hallucinates. The problem is, it is so convincing, there are times it is hard to tell or even notice it has done it. Without realizing, you could be utilizing outputs from AI which are laced with bias, full of hallucinations, and let’s be frank, just completely incorrect.
Diagram It: SaaS Applications
Through comparative analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of each approach are scrutinized, facilitating informed decision-making in threat modeling processes.
Diagram It: Business Continuity
In this session, we’ll examine multiple distinct representations of Business Continuity within threat models. Through comparative analysis.
Diagram It: IoT
Through comparative analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of each approach are scrutinized, facilitating informed decision-making in threat modeling processes.

The biggest business benefits from our engagement with IriusRisk, particularly from a senior leadership perspective, have been the overall security improvements.

The value is twofold: first, the direct improvements to products through threat modeling, but also the knowledge gained by product teams in the process. At first we needed to screen through all threats and implement extensive countermeasures.

By applying their learnings from the IriusRisk Threat Model, they are considering security much earlier in the design process.

Wolfgang Hausner, Expert Security Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International

IriusRisk has taken threat modeling from an inconsistent, manual process to an easily implemented security practice that we can roll out across our product portfolio.

The continuous improvement of the IriusRisk threat and control database means that we can trust that there are no gaps in our threat models and therefore our software is more resilient and secure.

Global Head of Cyber Controls Assurance, Global Top 10 bank

IriusRisk isn’t just our tooling. We see IriusRisk as a co-creator of the successful adoption, rollout, and scaling of threat modeling, both across the organization globally, and beyond the security team to DevOps.

This partnership doesn’t stop there; we look forward to exploring the possibilities of enhanced reporting and integration with the other existing tooling in our value chain.

Director of Product Security, Software Sales Company