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Because no one ever said they loved releasing insecure code. 

Do you really need threat modeling?
Yes. Next question.

Did you know that automated threat modeling can identify and manage your security risks from the start? Saving valuable time and that precious security budget. After all, prevention is better than cure. 

We’ve even been told that thanks to our product, Development Teams are now self-sufficient, with less need to verify work with Security Teams. IriusRisk does that for you. Best of all? No need to break up with your existing technology stack. Integrate, aggregate, and maximize what you’re already using and choosing.

IriusRisk | Configuration of Azure DevOps Issue Tracker

Watch as we delve into configuring integration with Azure DevOps Issue Tracker in IriusRisk. Discover the power of seamless synchronization between platforms, empowering efficient collaboration and impactful results, while utilizing your existing technology investments.

Be more Yoda. Threat model. 

Be like Yoda, and be the one who knows. When you automate your secure design and threat modeling processes, you can continuously identify flaws - and recommended fixes - at the design level (even before code is written, in case you wondered).

Our product allows developers to deliver excellent and repeatable results, while releasing time for other crucial work. The force is strong with this one. Show you, we will.

When we released the first OWASP Testing Guide, we introduced the notion of threat modeling as part of the design process for applications. This was in 2003 and back then, threat modeling was still a hard exercise for most to do.

What IriusRisk has done is made it iOS-like, in that it is easy to use and doesn't require vast amounts of experience to understand what is needed. It's proactive security and not reactive security that has been the norm.

Daniel Cuthbert, Founding Member of OWASP

We have seen an increase in developers creating better architecture diagrams and documentation because of using IriusRisk.

Previously, we had developers who worked on their very specific piece of code for this product. When they saw the whole picture, they had kind of an ‘aha-moment’.

Principal Software Architect, Software Sales Company

"IriusRisk is a key in our Security by Design strategy. It supports our teams involved in building software, (Architects, Devops & Cyber teams and also Developers), allowing us to verify the project risk level at early stages (Shiftleft), also monitoring the implementation and countermeasures alignment using integrations with JIRA or SAST tools.

Likewise, we can verify the GAP between planned at design stage versus implemented, using the capabilities of importing assets already deployed."

Security Architect, Global bank

The integration between Iriusisk and Jira has been invaluable to our workflow. Speeding up our processes and removing the need to create lengthy documentation.

Jira tickets are created seamlessly for any controls which need to be put in place making the process flow smoothly for all teams.

Chris Ramirez, Principal Software Security Engineer , Axway

So, what makes this product a must-have?

We code and we care. A match made in software heaven.
But if you’re looking for specifics, here are some areas that IriusRisk Threat Modeling Tool helps with and improves. 

Open API

Use your existing tech stack. No need to break up with your current investments. IriusRisk has an open API to enable its users to import and export from your existing software.


Already using a diagramming tool, like, Miro or Microsoft Visio? You’re already halfway there.
IriusRisk diagramming is built on (previously, for familiarity and maximum ease of use. 

Two-way Integrations

Integration is crucial for your CI/CD pipelines. And even more essential to gain buy-in and adoption from your development teams.We hear you. And we invest in our integration capability across the product roadmap. To enable import, export and two-way integrations.

Compliance & Auditing

Expected to be a compliance or auditing expert as well? We’ve got you covered.Utilize the full auditing trail, plus continuously added standards out-of-the-box such as data privacy, OWASP, NIST, and more.

Multiple Cloud Platforms

Need to manage your threats across multiple cloud platforms, Azure, GCP, AWS, Kubernetes, or others?Enjoy our extensive and evolving component library which has functional, operational, or industry components added every 4-weeks.

First Class Support

You need a long term-relationship from people who care about your development (not just sell you a product and leave on a jet plane). IriusRisk is powered by people who care and want you to succeed. Our Support Teams deliver value throughout your threat modeling journey.

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