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Threat Modeling. At scale.

Collaborate to identify security flaws and recommend fixes at the design level before Dev writes a line of code.

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Our difference.


IriusRisk offers a central, collaborative diagramming tool and extensive knowledge-base of security patterns so that Security Champions can scale their threat modeling capability to Engineering needs.


Don’t fight with Dev, collaborate by consistently automating threat modeling and integrating with DevOps toolchains, while getting security design right.

What can your organization achieve by threat modeling?

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Integrate with Other Software

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Conform to Industry Standards

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Use Your Existing Code to Generate a Model

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Collaborate Across Teams More Easily

Standards and compliance, built in.
 Ensure your security and standard requirements are met with our comprehensive Security Content Library for regulatory, industry and operational best practices.

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Manage your supply chain security. 

Supply chains are always in a state of flux and evolution, interfacing with a myriad of third-party services, and to a malicious party, all these interconnected systems produces a tempting and vulnerable attack surface. Threat modeling can help identify what could go wrong and where the core risks lie.


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Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study 


Business increasingly relies on software, making speed of delivery a business issue. Secure design ensures that the right security controls are built in before every major change and expensive rework is avoided. Don’t just shift left, start left.


In this commissioned study, you can see how some of largest banks and software companies can benefit from 203% Return on Investment (ROI) by implementing IriusRisk Automated Threat Modeling across their software and security teams.


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Integrate your existing software.
 Maximize your current technology investments, integrate with your other tools to compliment your threat modeling efforts. Including two-way integration with issue trackers.

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IriusRisk dashboard

Business Intelligence and Audit Trail in our Analytics Module

Customizable dashboards and analytics. Extract valuable insights from your threat modeling and secure development practice with flexible dashboards and powerful data queries. Aggregate with your other software data for meaningful reports.

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Security Champions: Turbo-charge the fight against cybercrime

The cost of cybercrime continues to increase with more sophisticated methods of attack from phishing links to ransomware. Security champions remain in demand to secure methods to divert potential threats. Automated threat modeling can identify and mitigate at the design phase. Get the Security Champions Guide to Threat Modeling and be the hero your organization needs.

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