Take your skills to the next level with Adam Shostack

IriusRisk is proud to partner with the one and only Adam Shostack in this one of kind coaching, designed to take your threat modeling skills to the next level.


Get executive support
Generate developer buy-in
Ensure successful rollout of threat modeling
Produce a greater ROI

A bit about the man behind the associates

Adam Shostack has hand picked a team of experts based on his role as pioneer, consultant, and author on threat modeling. He was lead designer on the Security Development Lifecycle Threat Modeling Tool - the first security tool to facilitate threat modeling for developers and architects. Adam founded Shostack + Associates to focus on delivering training, consulting, and coaching around threat modeling, bringing the greatest minds in the space together.  

Together IriusRisk and Shostack + Associates have designed a program for organizations looking to implement threat modeling.

Enable a security-first culture change

Shostack + Associates in partnership with IriusRisk have developed dedicated coaching to ensure that you can implement a security-first culture. Covering and overcoming all the stumbling blocks associated with rolling out threat modeling, including:

  • Coaching customers to align with corporate goals
  • How to define roles and responsibilities within the threat modeling program
  • Embedding threat modeling into an existing engineering culture

What you will acheive

Learn how to accelerate
buy in at all levels
Learn what a good threat modeling rollout looks like
Drive effective action

Find out more

We understand the intricacies involved in rolling out an automated threat modeling solution and that each company is unique.

Let us (the threat modeling experts) help you on your journey to design and build secure software.