Project Elevate: Enablement Series

Join any of our upcoming workshops, which are aimed to further expand your knowledge, provide product walkthroughs in specific areas, while ensuring time at the end to answer any questions. Whether you are new to IriusRisk Threat Modeling, would like a refresher, or perhaps you need to increase skills in one particular area, we aim to cover a topic for everyone.

Expect to learn about:
  • Questionnaires
  • Workflows
  • Customizing content
  • Threat and countermeasure prioritization
  • And lots more…

Episode 1: Setting KPIs and OKRs in your threat modeling program

Do you need to demonstrate results for your threat modeling efforts? Level up your threat modeling program, by considering KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). We show you how to do exactly that, from your IriusRisk investment.

Episode 2: Understanding Workflows

Looking for a greater understanding of the possibilities of workflows? Watch this session back where we showed how you can trigger certain actions, utilize permissions, customize reports from workflows, and ultimately, use automations for smarter threat modeling.

Episode 3: Customizing Content (Components)

Customize your content, in particular for components, assets, and trust zones. This will enable you to create better threat model diagrams which truly represent your architecture.

Episode 4: Utilizing Integrations

We are very proud to have built a tool based on an open methodology. This allows users to integrate, import, and export what they need, depending on existing software investments. Here we will show you how to make the most of your integrations, including the ease with which you can link us to your issue trackers for efficient risk mitigation and prioritization.

Episode 5: Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Got questions? We’ve got answers for you! This drop-in session is ideal if you have queries over how to utilize our tool, or perhaps you would like some ideas for best practices. This open AMA is here for you, so bring your own questions on the day.