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ROI Calculator - Automated Threat Modelling 

Want to save $1000s and days of developer time? Thought so. Try our calculator and see how….


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Measure the impact of using IriusRisk right now

Manually building threat models takes time and time costs money. You know what really takes time… Reverse-engineering software security issues and endless bugs.
We know our automated threat modeling tool reduces the time spent making your software development secure by at least 80%. Try our calculator and see the impact IriusRisk can have on your business.

Imagine this scenario: A UK bank currently operates a manual threat modeling process. This manual security assessment process takes approximately 40 hours to process an architectural model supplied by a project. Each component in the model is threat modeled independently, against CAPEC/Mitre to determine the Threats, and to develop CDLs (countermeasures).

Now, picture this: Having transposed this mechanism into IriusRisk, this can now be achieved in 4 hours or less for a typical project!

IrisRisk ROI Calculator

How do we calculate this stuff?

  • Forrester’s report into IriusRisk concluded our automated tool reduced the days spent manually building threat models by 80%.

  • Fully Loaded Employee Costs are used to calculate and derived from this online calculator

  • Please refer to Celerity for the estimated ‘test/fix/repair savings’.

  • Cost of IriusRisk will vary depending on a number of factors depending on business requirements.

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