ROI Calculator:
Automated Threat Modeling

Want to save $1000s and save developers' time? Thought so. 
Try our nifty ROI calculator below and see how.

Measure the impact of using IriusRisk right now

Manually building threat models takes time and time costs money. You know what really takes time… Reverse-engineering software security issues and endless bugs.

We know our automated threat modeling tool reduces the time spent making your software development secure by at least 80%. Try our calculator and see the impact IriusRisk can have on your business.

Imagine this scenario: A global bank currently operates a manual threat modeling process. This manual security assessment process takes approximately 40 hours to process an architectural model supplied by a project. Each component in the model is threat modeled independently, against CAPEC/Mitre to determine the Threats, and to develop CDLs (countermeasures).

Now, picture this: Having transposed this mechanism into IriusRisk, this can now be achieved in 4 hours or less for a typical project!

How do we calculate this stuff?

  • Forrester’s report into IriusRisk concluded our automated tool reduced the days spent manually building threat models by 80%.
  • Fully Loaded Employee Costs are used to calculate and derived from this online calculator.
  • Please refer to Celerity for the estimated ‘test/fix/repair savings’.
  • Cost of IriusRisk will vary depending on a number of factors depending on business requirements.