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Get certified in threat modeling, with the IriusRisk DeRisker Training Program. It only takes 30 minutes, there are three courses to choose from, and did we mention it's free?

Threat Modeling Certification with 3 Courses

Expanding your skillset is always a good thing, so we have created a way to do this to expand your knowledge and self-investment. We have multiple courses to choose from, the most popular has been the ‘DeRisker’ course in which you become a Threat Modeling Champion.

For those keen to learn more about diagramming practices, take a look at the ‘Diagramming Champion’ course. And finally, like to get maximum skills for your CV and to lead others? Then the ‘Administrator’ certification on IriusRisk is for you. 

Complete with digital badges and certificates

The best part? Get a digital badge upon completion, and a digital certificate from our CEO (you can even print it and put it in a frame if you so wish). You can include it on your LinkedIn profile if you have one too. Are you ready to de-risk?

What do the courses include?

The threat modeling training is structured into sections with questions after each to test your knowledge. For example, on the DeRisker Threat Modeling Training module, you will be able to see how to diagram, using specific components, trust zones, and dataflows. You also learn how to generate associated risks and countermeasures, and even apply industry-specific policies and standards to your threat model. This can be worked through at your pace and if necessary you can save your progress and return to it later. 

Our Courses

Threat Modeling

Learn about the foundational building blocks to help you to create your first Threat Model. We walk you through each step in the process, following the Four Question Framework from Adam Shostack.

IriusRisk - Diagramming Champion Certification

In this course, you will learn about the foundational building blocks to help you start a diagram and to create your first Threat Model.

IriusRisk - Administrator

In this certification program, you will learn how to successfully administer IriusRisk as a platform (on premise or in a Software as a Service deployment).