Diagram It: Enhancing Threat Modeling Through Effective Representation

Representing complex systems accurately is a daunting task in threat modeling. Join the seasoned coaches at IriusRisk to explore best practices and real-world examples for effectively representing intricate infrastructure in your threat models.

Session 1: SSO

Discover three representations of Single Sign-On within threat models and how they compare against each other.

Session 2: APIs

Explore multiple examples of representations of APIs within threat models, each with unique characteristics and considerations.

Session 3: IoT

Learn how to scope your threat models for IoT devices through thorough diagramming exercises

Session 4: SaaS Applications

Dive deep into the representations of SaaS applications within threat models by looking at multiple examples. 

Session 5: Business Continuity

 Gain insights into how to represent in your threat model the  infrastructure that ensures business continuity.