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New Reports: Countermeasures – Threats – Compliance

Observers of this blog will be aware a feature-packed new release of the IriusRisk threat modeling and risk management platform is due shortly – currently in the testing phase.

We have already noted the upcoming context-driven page level help linking to documentation hosted on our new Zendesk customer service and support ticketing portal and the new video tutorial series, as well as the new IoT risk library, but there is more goodness yet, in the form of three new built-in reports in addition to the Current Risk Summary Report.

Reports are per threat model and cover:

Compliance Report – including:

Countermeasure Compliance Status
Verified countermeasures
Implemented countermeasures
Required countermeasures

**To view a sample compliance report please fill in your details at the bottom of this post **

IriusRisk compliance capabilities have been showcased in the ‘Countermeasures: Compliance & Testing‘ video.

Technical Threat Report – including:

Risk Mitigation Summary
Architectural Diagrams
Unmitigated / Partly-Mitigated / Mitigated Threats
Failed Countermeasure Tests
Appendix A: Countermeasure Details

Technical Countermeasure Report – including:

Architectural Diagrams
Required Countermeasures
Implemented ejected Countermeasures
Countermeasure Test Results
Not tested
Appendix A: Countermeasure Details

We may obtain reports at any time during the SDLC giving us a snapshot of our current status and affording us the opportunity to identify bottlenecks and trends.

All new functionality and changes in the release will be posted on this blog and detailed notifications sent to customers.

In the meantime contact us to arrange a preview demo.

**Complete below to view sample compliance report**