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A Systematic Approach to Improving Software Security

We teamed up with Micro Focus to bring you the guide to creating and promoting a rugged software development lifecycle

Applications aren't the only iterative processes that today's developers have to contend with. Security has become of prime importance to organisations and their end users, with some teams finding that they're having to wrestle between speed and security to get the job done.

It doesn't have to be this way. In collaboration with Micro Focus, we created this whitepaper to propose a more systematic approach to application security.

You will learn how to address fundamental ways of improving the security within your SDLC with an approach that focuses on secure software by design. The results of this approach are bountiful: expect to eradicate delays to deployment, collaborative security and development teams, and less rework (and the cost associated with it).

Download the whitepaper to get started, and find out exactly how we achieve these results here at IriusRisk.