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Threat Modeling Intensive Course

September 18-19, 2023
Boston, MA

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IriusRisk to sponsor Archimedes Health Care Security Week 

IriusRisk is partnering with Archimedes Center for Health Care and Medical Device Cybersecurity to sponsor at Archimedes Health Care Security Week. IriusRisk to sponsor Adam Shostack’s Threat Modeling Intensive Course on September 18-19. The event is intended to bring health care and medical device professionals together to learn, share and network. 

The Threat Modeling Intensive Course is designed to provide attendees the ability to more consistently and efficiently apply threat modeling. Our threat modeling experts will be available to discuss the FDA’s affirmation to reject new medical devices over cyber standards, how threat modeling can secure your IoMT and more. 

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Check out our latest resources on threat modeling for medical devices prior to the event! 

Cover Secure design at scale (Website)
A secure and connected IoMT 

With the increased use of cloud technology for process controls and patient monitoring within the medical sector, there are more security threats than ever before.
Medical Devices Solution Brief Cover
Solution Brief
As medical devices come on the market with ever greater technical advances, the risk of cybercrime grows, fuelling ransomware attacks on hospitals and healthcare systems, putting patients at medical risk, and leaving device manufacturers facing huge bills.