When will Adam Shostack be replaced by ChatGPT? The implications of machine learning on threat modeling

Dr. Gary McGraw and Adam Shostack, two heavyweights of software security and threat modeling, debate the future of Machine Learning and threat modeling.

Webinar takeaways

  • Whether machine learning is helpful or harmful to threat modeling?

  • How threat modeling may evolve given machine learning progress.

  • How companies are safely and effectively adding machine learning to their technology arsenals.

  • What kinds of risks machine learning technology brings to bear.

  • And, most importantly, when Adam Shostack will be replaced by a robot?
Dr. Gary McGraw
Software security & machine learning leading expert
Adam Shostack
Leading expert in threat modeling/secure design

A threat modeling debate to end all threat modeling debates

Machine learning could change everything, including threat modeling.
How will this tech impact threat modeling? Will Adam be replaced? When?
Does machine learning bring new security risks to the table?