Threat Modeling Series 3 - Driving Adoption

Wednesday, September 11, 2024
08:00 PDT/ 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST
Explore expert strategies for successfully launching and driving adoption of threat modeling programs. Discover how to maximize buy-in, integrate with existing processes, and ensure effective implementation for your organization's security initiatives.

Driving Adoption

The third installment in this six-part series focuses on ‘Driving Adoption’ when launching a threat modeling program. Join John Taylor of Deloitte, and guest speaker, Jason Nelson of Necessary Security, where they will share practical advice on what you should consider to maximize adoption success and buy-in. Have you considered existing processes? Are there integrations already in place that the threat modeling program should link or contribute to? What other things will support you to get teams utilizing this new program? John and Jason are ready to tell you their views, based upon years of rolling out threat modeling initiatives.

John Taylor
Information security leader focused on delivering security ready applications
Jason Nelson
Founder of Necessary Security LLC " I build security programs at scale and people actually pay me for it. "

Key Takeaways

Advice from threat modeling and security experts
Get buy-in and adoption across teams and disciplines
Consider existing processes to maximize chances of success