Securing a Lifetime of Learning with Pearson

Pearson was looking to secure its online educational applications. Watch how they used threat modeling to enhance their learning experiences.

Hear why it works from the people who actually use IriusRisk

In this month's IriusRisk Threat Modeling Club Live! we discuss how Pearson, one of the world’s most trusted and innovative online education and learning organizations, has adopted collaborative Threat Modeling across some of their online service portfolio using IriusRisk.

With over 20,000 employees delivering products and services in nearly 200 countries - all with the singular goal of helping people to achieve their potential through learning, Pearson faces both significant opportunities and challenges, particularly in securing key online educational applications.  Having already adopted a manual threat modeling process, Pearson were looking for three key improvements to help them build ‘secure-by-design’ products and services.

Jonny Tennyson
Head of Customer Success, IriusRisk
Nick Vinson
Director of DevSecOps, Pearson
Joe Bollen
Application Security Specialist, Pearson

How automated threat modeling helped a global education organisation

Pearson, an IriusRisk customer, discusses using automated Threat Modeling.
How threat modeling helped 20,000 employees deliver services in nearly 200 countries.
How automated threat modeling helped improve their products and services.