M.A.T.C.H Webinar

Discover how Machine Learning, AI, Threat Modeling & Compliance all link together with leading industry experts in this fireside chat.

Watch the webinar discussion where you will get insights on:

  • M = Machine Learning

  • A = Artificial Intelligence

  • T = Threat Modeling

  • C = Compliance

  • H = How the heck all of these link together! 
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Dr Gary McGraw
Co-founder of Berryville Institute of Machine Learning & Chair of IriusRisk's Technical Advisory Board
Siebe De Roovere
Principal Consultant at Toreon
Stephen de Vries
CEO at IriusRisk

Key Takeaways

See how threat modeling ML/AI applications gets you ahead in your risk posture management.
How compliance is possible in this myriad of security considerations, and is a good thing.
Receive practical recommendations that teams can start with.