January 25, 2024
9:00 AM PST/12 PM EST/5 PM GMT

GenAI Primer for Threat Modeling

GenAI is a buzzword, but it has proven itself much more than that. It is here to stay. See what impact this has on AppSec.

Large Language Models and Generative AI are certainly buzzwords, they have been for over twelve months. But in that year we have seen that they are more than just buzzwords, and while maybe not living up to some of the most hyperbolic claims, they are certainly changing the way almost everything is done.

They have proven themselves as a very useful tool. So is a hammer, but we are not about to give our five-year-old child unfettered access to the tool case. When dealing with security the same metaphor applies. We need to ensure we use Generative AI meaningfully and sensibly. Undoubtedly, GenAI offers potential in many areas in creating cybersecurity frameworks. 

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Maria Schwenger
Executive Advisor, Emerging Technologies
John Taylor
Senior Manager of Global Cybersecurity A&E Application Security & Design

Insights into leveraging Generative AI's potential

The potential for building robust threat modeling
Discover AIs applications & benefits
What ethical considerations you should take