Accelerating and securing your cloud modernization journey

In this fireside chat we discuss how modern, collaborative and scalable threat modeling helps to bring together teams to accelerate cloud service deployment.

How to keep up with the ever changing cloud

As many organizations accelerate their Cloud Modernization journey to ensure that they provide the best customer experience and compete with cloud-native market entrants, they’re adopting new tools and processes that allow them to scale rapidly and reduce duplication and resource requirements.

New service roll-outs and the adoption of microservices into new geographies and environments are critical for gaining a competitive edge. However, this also introduces complexities: modern architectures and applications combined with legacy infrastructure enable new threat vectors to be exposed to more sophisticated attackers that creates a complex threat landscape. Add in regulatory requirements and this places further complexities into the equation and can cause friction between Product Owners, Engineering, Compliance and Security Teams!

Stephen de Vries
Co-Founder & CEO, IriusRisk
Antti Ropponen
Executive Partner, IBM Security
Kreshnik Rexha
Application and DevSecOps Lead, IBM Security

Take the brakes off your cloud architecture

How Cloud orchestration tools such as AWS CloudFormation allow rapid design.
How Infrastructure as Code (IaC), when used with IriusRisk, bring together DevSecOps.
How this is more secure, accelerates service development, and reduces costs.