Scalable, collaborative threat modeling

IriusRisk beats the complexity of manual threat modeling with its powerful automation engine, extensive security standards, and integration with major issue trackers.

The result is a fast and reliable self-service tool for designing secure applications - it's simple for your developers to use, too.

The most common challenges of manual threat modeling

  • "We're manually threat modeling, but it's becoming too time-consuming and complex - how do I solve this?"
  • "Our threat models aren't always consistent, and the process isn't easily repeatable"
  • "Modeling 1-2 products is simple, but how do we scale this to hundreds, or even, thousands of applications?"
  • "Security time and resources are scant - is there a way we can scale their knowledge to other teams?"
  • "We want our engineering teams to perform threat modeling themselves, but they don’t have the time"  

How IriusRisk solves these challenges - and how we empower your teams

SAVE time, rework, and cost through automation

IriusRisk provides a single point to define secure design patterns and manage Threat Models throughout the entire development process. You can quickly define diagrams using, generate threat models and push security tasks to issue tracking tools. You're able to scale this across your organization and remove manual threat modeling output from people's heads, into living, iterative threat models, contained within a centrally accessible location.

IriusRisk customers are addressing the security bottleneck head-on as design flaws are eliminated from the offset.In addition, thanks to IriusRisk's import capability, cloud orchestration and diagramming tools such as AWS CloudFormation, HashiCorp Terraform and Microsoft Visio, can all now be imported into IriusRisk thanks to infrastructure as code (IaC). Meaning if teams are already using such tools they can import the IaC file into IriusRisk, apply architectural security policies centrally and generate a complete threat model, including controls.

EASILY scalable, repeatable AND consistent

IriusRisk automates repetitive threat modeling tasks so your security team can focus their resources effectively - regardless if you're modeling 1, 10, 100, 1000, or 10000s+ applications.

Our platform is powered by industry-leading diagramming technology,, plus an extensive rules engine that uses standard threat and countermeasure libraries. The output is a series of high-fidelity threat models, complete with risks and countermeasures, all with repeatable, consistent results.

SELF-SERVICE for all teams - not just security

You don't need to undergo formal security training to use IriusRisk and you don't have to be an expert in threat modeling. Software development and engineering teams use IriusRisk to design their applications using intuitive diagramming and questionnaire functions and have the output assessed and validated by the security team.

IriusRisk uses two-way synchronization with issue trackers to give you a real-time view of the status of security activities which allows them to keep abreast of development progress. The result? Engineering teams can incorporate security into their existing workflows with minimal impact.

GREATER collaboration, and less conflict

We understand the conflict in the software development lifecycle. We understand the need for security and engineering teams to work more closely together, and that security is just as crucial as speed-to-production.

Our clients have found that using IriusRisk during application design has led to increased security awareness, greater communication and understanding across teams, and less anticipation of the potential disruptions during testing due to fewer delays.