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IriusRisk Threat Modeling Club Live! What is the Open Threat Model?

28th April 2022

In this month's IriusRisk Threat Modeling Club Live! we discuss the importance of an open approach to Threat Modeling for the software development industry.

The recently announced Open Threat Modeling (OTM) standard, published by IriusRisk, is a tool-agnostic way of describing a threat model in a simple to use and understand format. Architects, Developers, Security, and Operations teams can now simply send an OTM file to the IriusRisk Threat Modeling platform to automatically build a full threat model. They are then able to see associated threats, recommended countermeasures, and mitigation strategies and have access to comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that demonstrate the risk posture of all ongoing software development projects.

Watch Fraser Scott (VP of Product, IriusRisk) and Aaron Bedra (Senior Software Engineer at DRW and renowned software security evangelist) in what promises to be a great fireside discussion on the future of Threat Modeling.