IriusRisk Team
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August 17, 2023

Security Champions & Threat Modeling at a time of increased cybercrime

Security Champions & Threat Modeling at a time of increased cybercrime

Cybercrime is hitting eye-watering levels and is projected to get even worse. Experts at CyberSecurity Ventures Magazine believe that by 2025, cyber breaches will cost $10.5 trillion globally, encompassing everything from phishing links on personal emails to ransomware attacks on Fortune 500 companies.

Ultimately, the role of Security Champions has never been so important.

Identifying Risks to Combat the Growing Cyber Threat

Your company’s systems, products, and services must be robust, no matter what sector you work in. To combat the ever-increasing cyber threat, you must uncover potential risks from the outset of a new product life cycle, a vital responsibility for any Security Champion.

Key to this is an automated threat modeling system, like the platform from IriusRisk.

Our threat modeling platform centralizes risks from the get-go, offering significant benefits to the way that you manage your organization’s exposure to danger:

Faster time to market - you can identify risks before your development teams go too far into the SDLC, saving costs and shortening your time to market.  

Threats identified throughout the lifecycle – a dynamic approach to risk identification means you can uncover threats throughout a product’s life cycle, including during updates and patching.

Culture of collaboration foster transparent and efficient collaboration between security and DevOps to ratify your security approach and breed risk mitigation throughout your organization.

Regulatory compliance – our threat-modeling platform collates full auditing trails and issues reports, making life much easier for compliance purposes.

Onboarding your Organization

As a Security Champion, you’ll likely be the first within your organization to recognize the benefits of superior threat modeling. But how to bring others on board?

Management sign-off is important as threat modeling shifts how your teams will work. You’ll need buy-in from all teams – dev, architecture, and design – which you should get before moving forward to seek approval.

With the support of department heads, it’s easier for the decision-makers to weigh up the cost of a threat-modeling platform against the clear benefit of analyzing security weaknesses in cloud native designs.

Superior threat modeling is a solution that your company simply can’t afford to ignore.

Why IriusRisk?

Consider this from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US:

“We recommend using threat modeling early to identify design-level security issues and focus verification. Threat modeling methods create an abstraction of the system, profiles of potential attackers, including their goals and methods, and a catalog of potential threats.”

IriusRisk is the Winner of the Best Technology Company in Aragon by the Official College of Telecommunications (January 2023) and has been shortlisted for numerous other awards.

Countless Security Champions, CISOs, developers, and designers trust IriusRisk and have taken back control of their risk management.

At a time of such heightened threats from cybercriminals, our platform is the superior threat modeling system that your company needs.

Now is the perfect time to learn more about how IriusRisk can transform your company’s security to mitigate the threat of cybercrime. Click on the button below to get started with a platform demonstration.