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January 4, 2024

Product Update Release 4.24


IriusRisk 4.24 includes these enhancements and improvements:

  • A load of new API v2 endpoints including Projects, Templates, and Roles
  • New and improved vulnerability setting page
  • Shiny and easier email settings page

Automate more with our new API v2 endpoints

We’ve created a load more API v2 endpoints in the release, including for Projects, Templates, and Roles.

Projects, including

  • Lock and unlock the project.
  • Delete an project version.
  • Get the list of alerts for a threat model.
  • Import and export existing project from an XML file.
  • Modify the threat and countermeasure details.
  • Get the diagram and related info of a project by project id.


  • List all roles, create a new role, get a role.
  • Add and delete role from user.


  • Create a new template.
  • Create a new template based on a project.

Plus we’ve added more. See this support article for the full list: Zendesk.

New Email Configuration page

We have revamped the Email Configuration page, giving it a fresher look and better user experience.

You can easily use IriusRisk’s default mail settings or configure the system to use your own email servers.

Configuring your own servers is easy and intuitive:

Improved Vulnerability trackers settings page

The Vulnerability trackers setting page has been refreshed with an improved interface design.

Security Content

The following new blockchain components have been added in this release:

  • Blockchain Network
  • Blockchain Oracle
  • Consensus Mechanisms
  • Smart Contract


  • We will be removing the “My Portfolio” section of the product in Q1 2024.
  • We will be turning off the “continuumsecurity” SwaggerHub site. Customers should continue to use instead.
  • As of February 2024, IriusRisk will no longer support Jira Server or Jira 8 to coincide with Atlassian announcing support for both of these versions is to be deprecated, for more information on this please see here.

Release notes

For more information, see the Version 4.24 Release Notes.

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