Claire Allen-Addy
Product Marketing Manager
May 2, 2024

Level up your risk management frameworks and boost ROI with Secure by Design Practices

Looking for high Return on Security Investment (ROSI) and repeatable, robust risk management practices? You’ve found it. 

Enhance your risk management and mitigation processes 

Threat modeling supports common Risk Management Framework (RMF) activities and processes, by using a repeatable and scalable technique to identify, assess, and report on cyber risks. This is demonstrated via threats (shown in prioritized order) and countermeasures (actionable security controls). Reporting and audits further demonstrate the level of risk, and mitigations already taken, which can be used to make continued reliable security decisions. Ultimately making more informed security decisions and reducing costs. Save almost $5m in software remediation costs and $4m in reporting and compliance.

Instil secure by design best practices 

IriusRisk threat modeling by nature incorporates secure by design practices, by allowing the user to develop secure applications, and highlighting areas that are exposing that system or application to risks. It also allows the user to create a true view of their architecture by recommending security libraries, comprehensive components, and configurable options. 

In a nutshell, our tool embeds security by default, meaning your development teams gain built-in knowledge and self-sufficiency, while your security and ops teams can focus on delivering secure products into live environments, every time. Take a look at this webinar on implementing a Secure by Design Strategy.

A true view of your entire risk architecture 

You may choose to threat model just one application in isolation, however you can also nest diagrams and create a full view of your risk posture by including all aspects - even third party boundaries where remit is relinquished to other providers. Once the architecture diagram is complete, IriusRisk provides guidance on what risks need mitigation next, even providing a level of priority to address them. You can try it out for free in our Community Edition, and even make use of the downloadable templates in our GitHub repository

Integrate with your existing software and stay within developer pipelines 

You’ve already invested in other tools, because you take security seriously. IriusRisk was made to integrate with two-way communication on commonly used issue trackers such as Rally Software, Azure DevOps, Jira and ServiceNow. Using testing tools or vulnerability trackers? We work with those too. Our product aims to compliment what you already have, and provide the option for busy teams to work within their existing CI/CI pipelines. See this video on how to utilize integrations with IriusRisk.

Still unsure?

We know we go hand in hand with your risk management processes, and so if you’d like to understand how and hear real-life examples, get in touch with our helpful team today. Or, head over to our case studies area if you’d like to read some latest success stories.