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November 17, 2022

IriusRisk launches Threat Modeling Connect

17 November 2022, London: IriusRisk, the automated threat modeling platform, has launched Threat Modeling Connect, a free forum for the threat modeling community to share ideas, questions and expertise. IriusRisk has launched the forum to refine the practice of threat modeling and offer a wide range of users, from developers to security practitioners and other stakeholders, a place to discuss and ultimately improve security best practices in their organisations.

Many organisations today use threat modeling when developing applications or software, but best practices are not always followed. While guides do exist, many are inaccessible to beginners and often cannot account for the variety of challenges that emerge when applying the practice to real use cases.

Until now, threat modeling has lacked a central arena for expertise to be shared and the industry to hold discussions. Taking inspiration from the success of other peer-to-peer online forums like Stack Overflow, Threat Modeling Connect is designed to be the default destination for the world’s threat modeling community.

The first-of-its-kind forum will host educational resources, discussion threads, Q&As, live webinars and events. Users can also message each other directly, and the forum is vendor and product agnostic. This means that users from across the threat modeling world are encouraged to join.

IriusRisk CEO Stephen De Vries commented: “We’ve launched this forum to bring together the threat modeling community in a way never seen before. We wanted to create a totally impartial, information-sharing network because we believe that thorough and widely applied threat modeling is absolutely critical if we want secure technology in the future. This is our way of giving back to the community and hopefully advancing the industry as a whole.”

In the future, Threat Modeling Connect will also look to hold in-person events across the world, to bring together those interested in threat modeling and emulate the forum’s information-sharing ethos.

Register to join Threat Modeling Connect here:

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