Devin Maguire
Senior Product Marketing Manager
October 27, 2023

Design and develop secure software faster with ArmorCode and IriusRisk

IriusRisk and ArmorCode join forces!

ArmorCode seamlessly integrates IriusRisk’s automated threat modeling into its unified Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) solution to secure your entire SDLC - from secure design and development to risk-based prioritization and remediation workflows optimized for developers.  

How does the integration work?

Secure software starts with a secure design. Integrating threat modeling from IriusRisk into ArmorCode helps you address insecure design issues early, unify and prioritize findings based on risk throughout development, and unlock potential synergies to correlate threat intelligence and runtime context to improve threat modeling and future secure-by-design iterations.

ArmorCode Platform

How do ArmorCode and IriusRisk work together?

Together, ArmorCode and IriusRisk set you up to manage and mature a secure software development process and lifecycle. IriusRisk’s automated threat modeling helps you identify insecure design issues early in development. ArmorCode ingests threat modeling findings from IriusRisk and other risk sources, unifies findings across tools, and provides correlation and context to prioritize remediation and countermeasure tasks based on risk. ArmorCode also acts as a system of record that associates threat model findings with assets to identify gaps between threat model coverage, findings, and countermeasures. Finally, there are potential synergies where threat intelligence and other test findings provide dynamic feedback to refine the threat model and improve secure-by-design efforts.

One way to understand how ArmorCode and IriusRisk can work together is to track the integration through the SDLC process:

  1. Secure Design: IriusRisk provides tooling to automate and manage the threat modeling process to create more accurate models, provide governance of models, and build security requirements for development. ArmorCode ingests these findings.
  2. Secure Development: ArmorCode associates threat model artifacts with application assets and ingests additional application security testing results unifying visibility into insecure design and insecure implementation findings. ArmorCode maps issues to business context and prioritizes based on risk. ArmorCode can also provide governance to ensure threat modeling has occurred as required. For example, ensuring adherence to requirements that teams conduct threat modeling for security-significant changes.
  3. Secure Deployment: ArmorCode ingests results from penetration testing and vulnerability management providing continuous security monitoring and a virtuous feedback loop with IriusRisk to refine threat models based on production vulnerabilities. A mature and secure software development process helps you elevate the lifetime value of software investments by delivering more secure software faster with less risk and ongoing maintenance. To learn more about how you can manage and mature your secure software development process with IriusRisk and ArmorCode get a free demo today.

Want to learn more about IriusRisk?

IriusRisk is an open Threat Modeling platform that automates and supports creating threat models at design time. Visit our Product Platform Page to learn more.

Want to learn more about ArmorCode?

ArmorCode unifies application security and infrastructure vulnerability management to help you manage risk more effectively. Visit the ArmorCode Platform Page to learn more.