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Access your on-demand demo of Threat Modeling using IriusRisk

Experience the power and intelligence of IriusRisk, the automated threat modeling platform. Learn how you can complete an initial Threat Model – and get an output of your application risk and recommended security measures – all within minutes.

Threat Modeling is for everyone - not just Security Teams


Fill out our form to watch a demo – plus we’ll send a link to your mailbox along with some other useful threat modeling resources.

  • Fully customisable drag-and-drop elements and fully editable questionnaires

  • Best-in-class architectural diagramming in action, with

  • Two-way sync with leading issue trackers facilitates and tracks remediation

  • Identify the security and regulatory requirements of your application in seconds - and generate a series of actionable countermeasures - before a line of code is even written.

Shift left: Implement security from the design phase and throughout the SDLC

  • Avoid bottlenecks and delays created by security testing

  • Eliminate the design flaws that AST scanners cannot detect

  • Ditch the PDFs: no need to read through lengthy regulations - IriusRisk will identify your risk and compliance for you

  • Create a thriving security culture and foster collaboration between security and engineering teams - even within remote teams.

View our selection of eBooks and Whitepapers – talking all things Threat Modeling, Security, and the SDLC

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