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IEC 62443: Achieve your target security level with automation

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Industrial Control Systems and their Operational Technology assets remain a prime target for persistent attacks - particularly those deemed as Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). These critical, high-risk systems have unique security requirements to prevent compromise - but how do you identify these?

IriusRisk helps engineers and security analysts to quickly understand the security threats that apply to the design of a system.  To alleviate the challenges posed by the unique and increasingly complex requirements within Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), we've built a dedicated module for the global standard created by the ISA Global Security Alliance: IEC 62443.


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The challenges of adopting IEC 62443 standards

 How do I navigate and prioritise controls according to risk?
  How do I identify the threats to my infrastructure?
  Where do I find the expertise (or the time) to identify and enact the specific controls necessary?
  How do I know if I am compliant with IEC 62443, or if I am meeting my target security level?
  How do I know if the controls that I have implemented have adequately secured my infrastructure?

The answer? Start Left. Engage the power of automated threat modeling and secure design for IEC 62443

  Make your risk assessments count: use threat modeling to define the specific controls required for assessment and uniquely applicable to your systems.
  Visualise your risk, establish your security baseline, and achieve your target security level.
  Produce your security requirements near-instantly using our 27 independently-configured components to remediate threats.
  Harness an instantly accessible library of all 186 pages of IEC 62443 for software development: Parts 3-3 (Network and System Security) and 4-2 (Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems).
  Reduce hours of manual analysis to seconds: watch IriusRisk define your mandatory controls for each component.

Ideal For:

Businesses that need to comply, build, and design according to IEC62443
Manufacturers of network and industrial control systems, such as PLCs, controllers, sensors, etc.
Teams responsible for the maintenance of industrial control systems throughout the SDLC
Medical technology and healthcare providers
Operational technology industries and CNI, such as rail and transport, power stations, petrochemicals, water, recycling, metal and fabric manufacturing.

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Start Left: Helping you to design secure, robust products

Start Left: Helping you to design secure, robust products

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