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Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Accelerate your Cloud Architecture Security 

Build your threat model in seconds. Not hours or days.

Would you like to know how you can save valuable time, resources and accelerate securing your cloud architecture?

Not sure how importing your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can help your teams' efficacy? 

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IaC Solution Brief

Solution Brief
Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to Accelerate Threat Modeling

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has significant benefits in alleviating challenges with cloud-based services and enables provisioning of infrastructure to be automated, repeatable and consistent. Your IaC already describes a significant part of your architecture which is a great way to start your threat modeling. IriusRisk can automatically generate a data flow diagram and even the entire threat model without logging in to the UI.

How-to-Guides: Cloud Orchestration Tools

AWS CloudFormation

Cover AWS CloudFormation

Threat Modeling Workflow for AWS CloudFormation

The guide will help you to import your AWS CloudFormation file into IriusRisk.

HashiCorp Terraform

Cover Terraform

Threat Modeling Workflow for Hashicorp Terraform

The guide will help you to import your HashiCorp Terraform file into IriusRisk. 

How-to-Guides: Diagramming Tools


Threat Modeling Workflow for Lucidchart

Follow this step by step tutorial to import Lucidchart define architecture into IriusRisk. as a hands-on example.

Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool

Threat Modeling Workflow for Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool

The guide will help you to import your Microsoft TMT file into IriusRisk. 

Microsoft Visio

Threat Modeling Workflow for Microsoft Visio

The guide will help you to import your Microsoft Visio IaC descriptor file into IriusRisk.

See IaC Imported into IriusRisk


Cloud architectures 3

Accelerating and Securing your Cloud Modernization Journey

Learn how modern, collaborative and scalable threat modeling helps to bring teams together to accelerate cloud service deployment with examples from IBM.

Threat Modeling Collaboration 3

Threat Modeling in 30 mins or less

Shankar Cherbrolu, Director of Security Architecture at Red Hat explores the latest updates with James Rabe, IriusRisk’s Senior Solutions Architect & Threat Modeling SME. James will be taking Shankar through a demonstration of these key new features and improvements showing how much easier it is to automate your Threat Modeling processes and ensure your software development is secure by design.

Schedule an IaC demo with a specialist 

Threat Modeling is for everyone - not just Security Teams.

Automated Threat Modeling of IaC environments during the architectural and design phases allows DevOps teams to understand and manage their environments more securely by constant monitoring of evolving threats and vulnerabilities through to consistent checking of IaC definitions across the whole of the AppSec and DevOps environments. 

Experience the power and intelligence of IriusRisk, the automated threat modeling platform. Discover how you can import your HashiCorp Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool into IriusRisk, to get an automatically populated threat model - which shows your risks, weaknesses and countermeasures – within minutes.

Complete the form to schedule a demo with one of our IaC and threat modeling specialists - on-hand to answer all of your questions from what threat modeling is, to how to scale. 

Explore your current application security plans and assess how threat modeling, or the scalable automation of secure design, will benefit your organization specifically.