Find flaws and fixes in minutes

Generate an initial threat model in minutes - complete with recommended and required countermeasures - based on your own internal security policies with specific actionable advice.

The challenges we hear from engineering teams:

  • "We rely on SAST and DAST scanning tooling to detect our vulnerabilities"
  • "Applications are released with design flaws that are costly to fix"
  • "How can we incorporate security into our workflows without it slowing us down?"
  • "We are not trained in security, and not qualified to carry out security activities"
  • "We often experience delays during testing - how can we avoid these and move to production quicker?"

How IriusRisk supports engineers and developers

FASTER time-to-market - avoid rework and delays

We understand that business does not wait for security, but you need to build secure apps. So we help you do it faster. By engaging IriusRisk during your design process, engineering teams receive the clear security tasks that they require - before a line of code is written.

IriusRisk automatically generates a threat model with recommended and required countermeasures and adds them to your issue tracker, such as Jira and Microsoft TFS/Azure DevOps, so you can address security just like any other task.

By knowing the security requirements you'll need up-front, subsequent delays are drastically reduced, therefore speeding up your time to production.

FIND the vulnerabilities that SAST and DAST tools cannot detect

IriusRisk finds security design flaws that cannot be found by other tools in your security pipeline - accounting for up to 50% of the vulns in your application - and cannot be detected through scanning alone. Code scanning finds signatures of security bugs in individual pieces of code and cannot see the bigger picture of how those components communicate with each other, or what they mean for the business.

Scanning tools see the trees, IriusRisk sees the forest. IriusRisk can automatically upload both the threats and specific, actionable countermeasures to your issue tracker, such as Jira, so they're available within your existing workflow with minimal input. Better still, you avoid the nasty surprises down the line when it comes to testing, because you've already anticipated and executed the fix.

GAIN confidence in the security of the system you're deploying

Engineers have a higher degree of confidence in the security of the system they’re building once they have analyzed it during their threat modeling process. You'll achieve a quicker time to market because the right security design is baked in from the start of the development process and avoids unexpected work just before deployment.

You don't need to be a security expert, or have formal security training, to use IriusRisk. Our threats and countermeasures libraries help to train and inform development teams about the threats that apply to their technology and how they should mitigate the risk.

Threat modeling with IriusRisk facilitates dialogue and allows everybody the opportunity to challenge assumptions and learn from each other in a blame-free environment. It'll give developers a safe space to explore what could go wrong with a product, both practically and psychologically, whilst fostering and nurturing a culture of security.