Smart security planning and compliance

Know how much to invest in security, and where to do so, to get maximum return on your investment. Let automation guide your security-led approach to compliance and prioritize risk based on your organization's unique security, governance, and compliance requirements.

Planning for both security and compliance is tricky business

  • "How do I really know where and how much security effort should be invested?"
  • "How do I establish if we are spending our time and effort on the most valuable security activities?"
  • "We need to demonstrate our end-to-end security practices and compliance to regulators"
  • "We're security experts, not compliance experts. How can we identify and monitor our level of compliance?"
  • "The regulatory landscape is difficult to keep track of. How can our team work through such complexity and at speed?"

How IriusRisk gives you confidence in both your security and compliance

BUILD a real-time record of your application security risk

Using IriusRisk's security threat and countermeasure libraries you can assess all of your applications against relevant security standards and regulations - across your entire enterprise.  

All of your threat models are stored in a centralized, fully auditable, and queriable format that is both audit and regulator-ready. IriusRisk will provide you with your end-to-end security practices and compliance, from secure design through to implementation and security testing.

AVOID wasted time and effort on ineffective controls

Threat modeling assisted with tooling allows you to quickly identify where you are going to spend your security investment. IriusRisk will provide the insight you need to establish which applications need more in-depth threat modeling, static analysis, and other downstream security testing activities.

Your engineering teams will no longer waste time and effort on building security controls that have already been implemented by organization-wide controls, and will remain focused on the work with the most valuable security output.

EASE the burden of compliance

Not all security and compliance requirements are equal. IriusRisk will identify your compliance requirements according to each application's unique architecture, help you prioritize risk with its detailed risk ratings, and help you measure, view, and respond to this risk.

You also have the freedom to create your own library content and risk factors to fully satisfy your own internal governance programmes.

REGULATION instantly at your fingertips

IriusRisk contains highly-specialized content libraries that are used to check your compliance against standards such as:

NIST, FedRAMP, OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard, OWASP Top Ten, PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27002:2013, HIPAA, EU-GDPR, AWS, and many more.