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Secure software by design with automated threat modeling

Start right. By shifting security left.

Why threat model with IriusRisk?

203% ROI
IriusRisk provides 203% ROI, with payback seen within 6 months. 
Save 90% design time
Time to threat model shrinks from 80 hours to just 8 hours.
$4.9m cost savings
Cost savings from remediation avoidance, worth $4.9 million over 3 years.

The future of Threat

Modeling is here.

Groundbreaking enhancements and improvements in the biggest and best ever product development to date. Want to learn more?

Of course you do. See how you can increase velocity and scale with our threat modeling tool today.

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Velocity, integrity and scalability. All in one platform. 

Are you a Development team looking to easily manage security requirements, and integrate threat modeling into your overall strategy - without losing crucial momentum? Great! No need to do any further research, we’ve got you. 

  • Integration with dev workflows (bi-directional dataflows too, in case you wondered) 

  • No need for any prior threat modeling experience 

  • Easy to use, straightforward onboarding, from a bunch of really friendly experts  

  • Self-sufficient, no need to verify with Security Teams

  • For security and non-security professionals 

  • Methodology-agnostic - meaning you can use whatever approach you like, whether or not you have a preferred threat modeling methodology or not 

The biggest business benefits from our engagement with IriusRisk, particularly from a senior leadership perspective, have been the overall security improvements.

The value is twofold: first, the direct improvements to products through threat modeling, but also the knowledge gained by product teams in the process. The product teams are considering security much earlier in the design process.

Wolfgang Hausner, Expert Security Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International

The gift of security by design 

Developers want to develop. Security experts want to secure. But no one in the SDLC is an island. Imagine a world where everyone in the SDLC can create robust threat models using automation.

Can you draw a diagram? Then you can automate threat modeling today. We call it IriusRisk, get the gift that keeps on giving for your entire development team, now.

Code and deploy, faster.

We make secure design the standard, scalable practice for all digital teams. IriusRisk makes secure design fast, reliable and accessible to non-security users. Yes, even cynics use our threat modeling tool. And they love it.

You can have speed without losing quality.

Our product enables security to be considered by all areas of the organization. Quicker deployments thanks to excellent integration capability, including the ability to import your Infrastructure as Code to automatically generate a threat model, as well as export into other threat intelligence tools if you require a single view of your security posture.

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Compliance is crucial. So it's built-in.

Consistent and repeatable results you can depend on. With industry standards out-of-the-box, such as OWASP, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more. Allowing organizations to align their efforts to relevant standards and compliance frameworks.

A full auditing trail, plus risk and compliance reports, to demonstrate value and risk assessment to senior management or across teams.

Security Content Libraries

Made with the future in mind. IriusRisk grows with you.

Teams already using diagramming or cloud orchestration tools, are already halfway there. This experience can be automated within IriusRisk to successfully repeat and scale security processes.

Equally, the product is made for non-security professionals, so that security can be considered as standard within the tool. Empowering teams to effectively analyze and mitigate threats across their broader architecture or software supply chain.