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Secure your software by design

The industry-trusted platform for automated threat modeling. Powering security and development teams to collaborate, speed up time-to-market, and truly shift security left.


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Benefits of IriusRisk Threat Modeling
for Security and Development Teams

Application security is often equated with security testing and performed at the end of the development process. We believe in a different, more effective approach. By using IriusRisk, you can:

  • Generate a threat model within minutes
  • Identify threats to your product AND countermeasures
  • Avoid delays to deployment and speed up time-to-production
  • Save time, cost, and development rework
  • Ditch the PDFs and instantly identify areas for compliance
  • Create a culture of collaboration between security and development teams




Why our clients use IriusRisk

Secure by design vs. fixing in production

of software vulnerabilities are flaws in the design


more expensive to fix these flaws in production


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Become secure by design with automated threat modeling