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Threat Modeling vs. The Bottom Line - What's the ROI?

In a rare opportunity with our partners, TachTech, we’re hosting Jimmy Sanders, Head of Information Security at Netflix, as he meets three leading authorities on threat modeling who will pitch it against the bottom line

Regardless of whether security budgets are being boosted or squeezed, the same questions around ROI are pertinent when it comes to purchasing conversations (…this is also true of threat modeling).

We think we got to the bottom of it all...

  • In a world of ever-evolving approaches to risk, has actually anything been remediated, prevented, or gained using threat modeling
  • Why should I prioritise threat modeling over faster iterations of development?
  • Why should I prioritise secure design, over the bottom line?
  • I get it's a good idea, but show me some ROI.

Whether you’re someone who wants to know more about the value of threat modeling and secure design, or the person who has to have the answer to these questions, watch on-demand. Complete the form below to get your link!