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Read our latest threat modeling and architectural security news, articles, and thought leadership, and watch some of our most popular talks, tips, and tricks on-demand.

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Product Update: Release 4.9

IriusRisk 4.9 includes import of Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool files, and creation of Jira tickets by IriusRisk user instead of a service account...

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Product Update: Release 4.8

IriusRisk 4.8includes: New components, Bi-directional dataflows for Visio, Security improvements

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Product Update: Release 4.7

IriusRisk 4.7 includes: Template import performance improvements; Configuring issue trackers at the countermeasure level and much more

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New Dataflow library in IriusRisk v4.6

We've released a new "IR Dataflow Library'' in v4.6, designed to take advantage of the IriusRisk rules engine to provide dynamic behavior on threat models.

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Product Update: Release 4.6

IriusRisk 4.6 includes: dataflows created from security groups for Terraform AWS; Easily apply a library to all projects

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Product Update: Release 4.5

IriusRisk 4.5 includes: Custom icons for component definitions; Visio import API; Dashboard showing projects with the highest risk & gauge of overall risk

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Product Update: Release 4.4

IriusRisk v4.4 contains some really useful improvements, including: A new summary section in the Compliance Report

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Product Update: Release 4.3

IriusRisk Threat Modeling platform V4.3 Release includes quite a few new API endpoints as well as an improvement to the projects endpoint. This follows-on from our recent Open Threat Model (OTM) and CloudFormation endpoints releases.

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IriusRisk and CVE-2022-22965

IriusRisk is communicating the actions to ensure the safety of users of our application in light of the recent CVE-2022-22965 - SpringShell / RCE issues.

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Product Update: Release 4.2

We've been working very hard on improvements to the product as well as some cool new functionality. Some of the highlights in this release include: A new AWS CloudFormation API endpoint Improved login screen and Community Edition signup Major improvements to the threats and countermeasures tabs Simplified rules management 40 new AWS components

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Product Update: Release 4.1

IriusRisk 4.1 contains a brand new API endpoint for creating threat models using the Open Threat Model standard, as well as other improvements to the interface and content.

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