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Read our latest threat modeling and architectural security news, articles, and thought leadership, and watch some of our most popular talks, tips, and tricks on-demand.

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Serverless Threat Model

Our knowledgeable security department were soon tasked with researching security around serverless. The precise term for serverless itself is a little fraught to define...

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Security is a Journey

Having so many conversations with engineering security teams across the globe, patterns and similarities begin to emerge and there is one particular trend that threads through most companies.

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Threat Modeling for Web Developers

For the sake of your user’s safety and your company’s reputation, let’s look at what threat modeling is, why you should care, and how to implement it, even in agile environments.

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Build GDPR Compliance into Your Applications with IriusRisk

The key to simplification is to break down an application into individual architectural patterns – for example the registration form – and ask ourselves pertinent questions in relation to GDPR.

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GDPR and application security

Our resident security content lead shares his thoughts in this practical guide on GDPR, application security, and PII assessments.

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Security workflows for DevOps teams with IriusRisk

Threat Modeling and defining security requirements is just step one on the journey to building a secure system.

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How to sniff cookies over HTTPS

Find out more about session cookies and why it's essential to set your secure flag - even if your website is running over HTTPs.

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Scaling Threat Modeling with tools

Adam Shostack on the role of diagrams in threat modeling, plus the benefits and trade-offs of using tooling vs. diagrams to build a threat model.

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Web Application Security Checklists as Code

Using web application security checklists to ensure that security countermeasures are identified and implemented.

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Why invest in a threat modeling tool?

High-quality threat modeling tools have a solid ROI and allow us to scale and track changes in our increasingly dynamic environments.

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Deploying IriusRisk to AWS high availability infrastructure

Enterprise organisations are turning to high availability (HA) infrastructure to maximise uptime and speed, withstand crashes and failures, and secure access to critical applications.

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