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Product Update: Release 3.12

We are proud to announce the release of IriusRisk 3.12 containing new and enhanced integrations with issue trackers, UX/UI improvements, more on nested components, plus new components and security standards.

New ServiceNow integration:
We’ve been working closely with the ServiceNow team to introduce a brand new integration into IriusRisk. You can now use ServiceNow as your connected issue tracker within IriusRisk! Read all about it in our new support article.

Enhanced JIRA integration:
Our new, enhanced JIRA integration allows you to set custom values for multiple custom mandatory fields. Read all about it.

New layout for component selection:
We’ve made selecting the components you need even easier by creating a new layout that lists the text beside each of your components - no more hovering to find the right one!

Improvements to search:
  • Search box for icons on the stencil: you can now search shapes on the search box and the first that will appear are the ones that represent IriusRisk Components so they are easier to identify. You can still find free style icons to add into your Threat Models.
  • Search box on [Threats] and [Countermeasures] tabs: now you can drive queries, using the search box, by the custom fields you define on these two entities.
New nested components features:
Two rule conditions have been implemented that are related to Nested Components:

  • Any parent component is a
  • Any parent component select answer

These new additions allow you to create new rules that use the hierarchy of your nested components allowing for many exciting new possibilities within the rules engine, for example:

  • Applying standards based on a parent component
  • Answering questions based on a parent component’s answer
  • Marking countermeasures as implemented based on the parent component, or a particular question being answered on that component
  • And many more!
Components in this release:

  • OpenID Connect Provider
  • OpenID Connect Relying Party
  • Microsoft Azure Firewall Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Load Balancer
  • Microsoft Azure Portal
  • Microsoft Azure Security Center
  • Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager
Security standards:

  • CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark