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Read our latest threat modeling and architectural security news, articles, and thought leadership, and watch some of our most popular talks, tips, and tricks on-demand.

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IriusRisk Tops the List: 9 Great DevSecOps Tools for Dev Teams

It is always heartwarming for us when IriusRisk’s hard work, innovation and dedication to developing automated security solutions that answer industry’s hard problems is recognised.

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GDPR and application security

Our resident security content lead shares his thoughts in this practical guide on GDPR, application security, and PII assessments.

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Adam Shostack joins IriusRisk’s board

We at IriusRisk are absolutely delighted to announce that Adam Shostack has joined our Advisory Board.

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Building GDPR compliant software with IriusRisk

The EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on the 4th May 2018 with implications for companies that process the personal data of EU citizens. 

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IriusRisk raises 1,5M€ investment from Swanlaab, JME & Sonae IM

Continuum has a team of 10 with a European and American customer base, primarily in the financial and technology verticals. This financing round will consolidate their international presence and will further develop their sales and R&D teams.

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IriusRisk at DevSecCon London – 2017

We’ve presented and sponsored every DevSecCon London event since its inception because of its focus on cutting-edge defensive conferences around.

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Bringing Inspiring Girls to Aragón

IriusRisk had the pleasure and honour of bringing the Inspiring Girls movement to Aragón.

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First International Workshop on Gender and Cybersecurity

Our Chief Operating Officer Cristina Bentue will participate in a round table at the First International Workshop on Gender and Cybersecurity.

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Security workflows for DevOps teams with IriusRisk

Threat Modeling and defining security requirements is just step one on the journey to building a secure system.

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How to sniff cookies over HTTPS

Find out more about session cookies and why it's essential to set your secure flag - even if your website is running over HTTPs.

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Scaling Threat Modeling with tools

Adam Shostack on the role of diagrams in threat modeling, plus the benefits and trade-offs of using tooling vs. diagrams to build a threat model.

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