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Read our latest threat modeling and architectural security news, articles, and thought leadership, and watch some of our most popular talks, tips, and tricks on-demand.

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How to sniff cookies over HTTPS

Find out more about session cookies and why it's essential to set your secure flag - even if your website is running over HTTPs.

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Scaling Threat Modeling with tools

Adam Shostack on the role of diagrams in threat modeling, plus the benefits and trade-offs of using tooling vs. diagrams to build a threat model.

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Web Application Security Checklists as Code

Using web application security checklists to ensure that security countermeasures are identified and implemented.

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Why invest in a threat modeling tool?

High-quality threat modeling tools have a solid ROI and allow us to scale and track changes in our increasingly dynamic environments.

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Winners of Spain’s First Cyber Security Accelerator Program

We're proud to have been the winner of Spain's First Cyber Security Accelerator Program awards!

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Launching IriusRisk ‘Community Edition’

The scalable Threat Modeling and Risk Management solution for product development launches a free, community subscription licence - free for lifetime use.

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Continuum Security Donate ASVS – NIST 800-53 Mapping to OWASP

In partnership with Toreon, we worked on a mapping between the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) and NIST 800-53 and donated this work to the OWASP ASVS project.

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IriusRisk announces appointment of Dr. Gary McGraw to Threat Modeling Technical Advisory Board

Dr. Gary McGraw joins its existing advisor, Adam Shostack, to assist in the strategic direction and development of the IriusRisk threat modeling platform.

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Deploying IriusRisk to AWS high availability infrastructure

Enterprise organisations are turning to high availability (HA) infrastructure to maximise uptime and speed, withstand crashes and failures, and secure access to critical applications.

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IriusRisk announces Series A Investment Round

IriusRisk, the threat modeling platform for Application Security, announced today the closing of its $6.7 million Series A fundraising.

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OAuth & Threat Modeling

IriusRisk provides a threat modeling platform based on threat patterns and diagrams. With the new support for OAuth 2.0 in our threat libraries, IriusRisk now includes the following new components with their associated threat patterns:

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