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Read our latest threat modeling and architectural security news, articles, and thought leadership, and watch some of our most popular talks, tips, and tricks on-demand.

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Methodologies Blog

Organizations are increasingly aware of the need to bring threat modeling into their cybersecurity efforta. Choosing a methodology helps identify threats

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SBOM: Where’s My Threat Model?

Do not rely on SBOM alone for your software supply chain threat model. Always consider each software interaction, including flows or points in a system

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The Hierarchy of Needs for Threat Modeling

All categories of the Hierarchy of Needs for Threat Modeling limits you to see what is the best way to scale Threat Modeling. Except when Self-Actualized

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Modeling threats in an imperfect world

The way an attacker can exploit a vulnerability hasn’t changed significantly over the past decade, so now we are forced to ask ourselves an uncomfortable question: What are we doing wrong?

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MITRE ATT&CK for Industrial Control Systems in IriusRisk

Complementing IEC 62443 with MITRE ATT&CK for industrial control systems in IriusRisk. It provides threats, mitigations, and even data sources and detections.

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Product Update: Release 4.11

IriusRisk 4.11 includes configuration of issue trackers at Threat level, multiple files for Terraform and CloudFormation and colour change of dataflows

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Threat Modeling Terminology

Are you looking to get familiar with the threat modeling lingo? Check out this guide below to get you started with your threat modeling journey. 

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Implementing Security: what technology for which controls?

Security technologies and techniques that implement controls and countermeasures reported in standards and regulations, and used in threat modeling.

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Threat Modeling: What, Why, and How

Threat modeling in an agile world: what it looks like, why it's being adopted across leading organisations, and how you can reap the benefits, too.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity: the challenges and how to mitigate the risks

IriusRisk helps the healthcare industry to identify, mitigate, track security risks and/or requirements described in cybersecurity standards & frameworks

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Product Update: Release 4.10

IriusRisk 4.10 includes new widgets on the Home Dashboard, Expand-all button for threats and countermeasures, and 11 new Azure components...

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