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Announcement: IriusRisk 2.1 Released

We are excited to announce the new release of a feature-packed IriusRisk 2.1.

Some of the new features have been mentioned on this blog in the last few weeks such as: Context sensitive help links linking to our new video tutorial series and manual, new IoT library and three new inbuilt reports.

  • Full support for the latest commercial version of Threadfix.
  • Several performance and UI improvements.
  • Three new reports added for Product’s Threat Models:
    -Compliance Report.
    -Detailed Threats.
    -Detailed Countermeasures.
  • Embedded Help Links with documentation and video tutorials on the top right corner for all the sections within IriusRisk.
  • New configuration option to connect to Issue Trackers through an internal proxy.
  • Product Architecture diagram is now printed in the PDF report.
  • Feature to hide and/or disable existing Component Definitions.
  • Improved integration with JIRA 7 and 8.
  • New feature to use authentication-only against an LDAP or AD service without a system user (and credentials).


  • IoT Risk Patterns: IoT Operating System, IoT Application and IoT Mobile Application components based on IoT Security Compliance Framework Release 2.0 (2nd december 2018) form IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF).
  • New Risk Patterns for AWS Lambda.
  • New AWS Cloud Components:
    - AWS Account Evironment.
    - EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud.
    - ELB – Elastic Load Balancer.
    - Lambda Function.
    - RDS – Relational Database Service.
    - S3 – Simple Storage Service.
    - SNS – Simple Notification Service.
  • New Google Cloud Platform Components:
    - Google Cloud Kubernetes.
    - Google Cloud Platform Environment.
    - Google Cloud SQL.
    - Google Cloud Storage.
     -Google Cloud Virtual Machine.
  • New Microsoft Azure Cloud Components:
    - Microsoft Azure Environment.
    - Microsoft Azure SQL.
    - Microsoft Azure Storage.
    - Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine.
  • New On Premises Architecture Component:
    - Internal Server.
  • Two new Standards:
    - IoT Security Compliance Framework (Class0, Class1 y Class2).
    - CIS Amazon Web Services Three-tier Web Architecture Benchmark.
We also have a new help desk portal.