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Future of Cyber Security Virtual Summit

Join us for the Future of Cyber Security Virtual Summit

IriusRisk is proud to sponsor the upcoming Future of Cyber Security Virtual Summit! 

We are excited to meet attendees via our virtual booth, where the team will be happy to chat and share their thoughts and tips around how Threat Modeling and shifting left can impact your business’s security.

Plus take advantage of our selection of useful resources to download and why not enter our competition on our stand for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher. 

Join our talk in the auditorium On Wednesday 22nd @11.30am BST 

Taming the beast within the SDLC

For those in application security, it’s no secret that there’s often friction around testing time. Security vs. speed to market creates an atmosphere of software engineers vs. security pros - and it really doesn’t need to be this way.

Two of threat modeling’s most passionate advocates, Cristina Bentué and Jenna Preston, bring you a talk with Natalia Girabet, a software engineer at IriusRisk, who will share her own experience and how they’re tackling this issue head on by bringing scalable security design to devops.

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Cristina Bentué is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of IriusRisk: a global scale-up with a powerful, automated threat modeling platform that helps organisations scale secure application design. After studying extensively in Near-Eastern Studies, she forged her successful career in technology startups between Barcelona and London and currently co-manages IriusRisk’s Research and Development department. A passionate advocate of women in technology, Cristina makes it her personal mission to create a diverse and inclusive family at IriusRisk and is known to engage in community projects that encourage STEM education amongst girls.

Natàlia Girabet is a senior software engineer at IriusRisk and previously spent the bulk of her career in the financial services sector. Her role is to analyse and develop solutions for IriusRisk’s automated threat modeling platform. In her spare time, Natàlia takes part in initiatives such as Technovation as a mentor to young girls, women, and children to introduce the many fruitful career paths that are open to them and help them gain the skills and confidence they need to start successful technology careers.

Jenna Preston is a technology marketer with a strong background in the B2B Fintech and Cybersecurity spaces and currently leads the global marketing function at IriusRisk. Since graduating with an honours degree in International Relations from Goldsmiths, they have been intrigued by the effects of language and rhetoric on the perception of risk within tech-based industries - which makes cybersecurity the dream industry to work in! Jenna also volunteers with many medical charities and for the UK’s National Institute for Health Research reviewing funding applications for new health technologies.

This two-day event has a great mix of keynote speakers and thought leadership sessions, coupled with some great opportunities to network, meet the community, and hear from like-minded individuals.

All hosted on an interactive virtual platform with live entertainment following the event! 

To find out more register visit: